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17 HM2 Barrels & Ammunition update

Update: 3rd February 2005

The Hornady round is based on the slightly longer Stinger case and will shoot the same 17 grain bullet that is being loaded in the 17 HMR case. Velocity is 2100 fps for the HM2 round. Hornady reports that the HM2 functions in virtually all magazines and clips that now work with the 22 long rifle cartridge. We have test fired for function the 17 Aguila ammo in one of our 17 HM2 barrels and it chambered and fired normally. We did not test for accuracy with it yet in the 17 HM2 chamber. Our barrels will all be chambered for the HM2 cartridge. At this time Hornady, CCI and Eley are making the 17 HM2 version.

We have drop-in barrels available chambered for the 17 HM2 for the Ruger 77/22 rifles, Sako P94 and Remington 504. In our experimentation with several 10/22's fitted with a 17 HM2 barrel we found that the Hornady 17 HM2 ammo functioned flawlessly. We shot about 1000 rounds without one feeding or extraction problem and all cases looked normal after firing. We have also made a few other experimental barrels that are being tested by others. Some unanswered questions that remain include: are there any long-term problems with the action shooting this new round? Does the bolt take more abuse with the higher intensity case? Will other 17 HM2 ammo and the PMC and Aguila round function as well as the Hornady? Will all 10/22 receivers function correctly and without long-term damage?  Until we have answered these questions to our satisfaction we are not offering 17 HM2 barrels for the Ruger 10/22.

We also received a letter from CCI dated July 26th 2004 stating that modifications must be made to semi-auto's because of a change in time-to-peak pressures for the 17 HM2 as compared to 22 long rifle ammo. It further states that "special bolt designs" will be required of semi-auto's but does not specify the requirements for these bolts. To see the warning letter as a .pdf document - Click Here

Barrels are available now for the Ruger 77/22, Sako P94 Finnfire, and Remington 504 bolt action rifles.

We fired these two 5-shot groups out of a Sako P94 Sundberg taper drop-in barrel. The accuracy potential looks excellent! With each group there 4-shots that really looked good.

Here is a link to Hornady's webpage about the new round:


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