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Pre-Threading Option

We are offering a pre-threading option for our in-stock and made-to-order barrels. We also offer chambering along with the threading for a limited number of cartridges.

Model of a Remington 700 thread and counterbore.

The barrels will still require a gunsmith, experienced at fitting barrels to actions, to make the final fitting and headspacing adjustments on a lathe and using headspace gauges. We are turning these threads for the nominal dimensions for the action type. But action makers have tolerances and other operations such as truing an action face or bolt or lapping bolt lugs can change dimensions enough that headspace or thread shank length may need to be modified.

The barrel blanks suitable for threading can be any of our standard numbered or tapered contours shown on this page - Click here or any of our special straight taper barrels shown on this page - Click Here but they must have a 1.200" or 1.250" diameter shank and be a 28"-30" long blank.

This threading can be combined with chambering for a limited number of cartridges - Click Here

We do not offer muzzle threading on any barrels other than our AR drop-in barrels.

The price for the threading option is $40 per barrel.

The machine work is being done on this Haas CNC turret lathe.


To see a .pdf CAD drawing file for the thread shank dimensions for the action type listed below click on the model designation.

Remington 700

Defiance Rebel

Ruger Model 77

Sako Model 75 I

Sako Model 75 III

Howa/Weatherby Vanguard


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