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Patrolman AR & M4 Barrels

We are offering a chrome-moly version of our drop-in AR and M4 barrels. They are available as our 20" overall length AR740 barrel and the 23" overall length AR24 barrel. The M4 is a 17" OAL. These barrels differ from our stainless steel AR barrels in a few respects. They are made from chrome-moly steel and are furnished in-the-white. The purchaser has the option of having the barrel blued, teflon coated, powder coated, etc. We do not offer any of the exterior finishes as an option. Secondly, these barrels are not hand-lapped like our other barrels. They are rifled using a special technique that leaves a very smooth internal finish without the time consuming hand lapping procedure we use with all of our other barrels. And thirdly, the price is $150 less than our stainless steel version! This price reduction is possible because of a reduced material cost using the chrome-moly steel and labor savings using the special rifling technique.

Now available: Patrolman M4 barrels with a threaded muzzle.

The 23" long AR24 contour is shown on top in the above image and the 20" long AR740 is below it. Not shown is the threaded muzzle option on the AR740.

These barrels are engraved with the new Patrolman logo and AR .223 8T. They are rifled with an 8" twist rate and chambered with a .223 Wylde chamber reamer.

The weight of the 23" long AR24 contour is 4.16 pounds and the 20" long AR740 is 2.60 pounds. The M4 weighs 2.22 pounds.

The larger barrel uses a .936" dia. gas block and the AR740 and M4 take a .750" dia. block.

Patrolman AR740 and M4 barrels are furnished with a threaded muzzle (.500" diameter x .60" long and 28 TPI).

To see a larger image of the engraving shown in the above image click on the image.

As of January 2014 these barrels are priced at $325 each or five for $275 each plus shipping.


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