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In-Stock Barrels

The majority of the barrels we make are made-to-order. There are just too many variations in contours, calibers, twists, number of grooves and two different steel types to keep barrels on hand waiting for an order. Delivery time: Update September 2014 we're now running about 12-14 weeks for made-to-order barrels.

However we do stock three types of barrels. They include AR type and .17 and .22 caliber rimfire drop-in barrels and we usually do have a few extra barrels on the shelf that are available for immediate delivery. The barrels became extras because of changes made by the original customer before we completed the order. These would include changes in contour, caliber, twist, etc. and once in a while the barrels were not paid for. And we normally run some extras when working on a contract. We are also keeping in-stock a limited number of common caliber/twist/contour combinations as shown below.

We also have a large inventory of Nightforce scopes and accessories in-stock.

dot   .17-9 4-groove SS Remington Varmint contour $340
dot   .204-12 3-groove SS Remington Varmint contour $340
dot   .224-12 3-groove SS Remington Varmint contour $340
dot   .243-12 3-groove SS Remington Varmint contour $340
dot   .243-14 3-groove SS HV taper $340

.257-10 3-groove SS #3 contour $340

dot   6.5-8 3-groove SS #4 contour $340
dot   6.5-8 3-groove SS Sendaro contour $340
dot   6.5mm-9 6-groove SS #3 contour $340
dot   .270-10 3-groove SS #3 contour $340
dot   7mm-9 3-groove SS #3 contour $340
dot   .308-10 3-groove and 6-groove SS Sendaro contour $340
dot   .308-10 6-groove SS #4 contour $340
dot   .308-11 3-groove SS #2 contour $340
dot   .338-10 6-groove SS #4 contour $340
dot   .338-9" 6-groove SS Sendaro contour 30" finish length $365
dot   .50-15 7-groove chrome-moly Navy contour 30" finish length $ 420
dot   .50-15 7-groove chrome-moly Navy contour fluted with 30" finish length $550
    Notes about the above in-stock barrels: We usually have more than one of each. These barrels are available for immediate delivery. Barrels can be fluted if they are of a large enough diameter ($130 charge); approximately a 2 week turnaround time. No quantity discount or gunsmith student discount applies to the barrels listed above.


dot   Last inventory change on extra barrels listed below: 29SEP14

Extra barrels are listed below and can qualify for our quantity and gunsmith student discounts. Unless otherwise indicated there is only one each of the barrels listed below.

    .204-12" 3G SS Remington Varmint contour with 1.200" dia. shank, $340
    .22-17" rimfire 4G SS .950" dia. cylinder, $340
    .22-16" 6G CM steel Brno1 contour
    .224-14" 3G CM steel KimberFN contour less .020" in diameter, $320
    .224-8" 3G SS Kim84, $340
    2) .224-15" 3G SS 1.200" HV, $340 each
    .224-7" 3G SS 1.000" dia. straight cylinder, 27" finish length, $340
    6mm-12" 3G SS HV 30" finish length, $365
    2) 6-14" 6G SS #7 contour +.020" 28" finish length $340 each
    6.5-8 3G CM steel CA150, $320
    6.5-9" 6G SS NBRSA Hunter taper, fluted 24", $470
    7mm-12" 6G CM steel #3, $320
    7mm-10 6G SS #3, $340
    .308-10 6G CM #1, 24" finish length, $300
    .308-13" 6G SS NBRSA Hunter taper, $340
    .308-13" 3G SS #6 fluted for 28" finish length, $495
    .308-14" 4-groove SS Rugermag contour, $340
    .308-16" 6G SS #3 with 1.150" dia. shank and fluted for 24" finish $465
    .510-26" 6G CM steel half round - half octagon, 30" finish length $505
    .510-15" 7G CM Navy contour 29" finish length, $415
    .510-15" 6G SS HVTARG37, 37" finish length, $551
    2) .510"-15" 7G SS 1.400" dia. cylinder, 30" finish length, $390 each
    15" long XP-100 type barrels. All barrels below are $195 each.
    2) .204-12" 3G SS XP15
    .224-14" 3G SS XP-4
    .264-8" 3G SS XP-4
    2) .308-13" 3G SS XP-15
    2) .308-10" 3G SS XP-8
    Rifle barrels with a maximum 24" finish length. All barrels below are $295 each except where noted.
    .224-14" 3G SS #4
    .243-10" 6G CM steel #1 ($275)
    .308-10" 6G CM steel #4 ($275)
    .308-11 3G SS #4
    In some instances the above barrels can be re-turned to a smaller contour. This is a $40 charge in addition to the price for the barrel. Some contours can also be fluted. This is a $130 charge.


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Gift Certificate:

We can issue a gift certificate for any denomination desired. These make an excellent gift for someone who would like a barrel but there isn't quite enough time for us to complete a barrel prior to a special date. To purchase a certificate contact:

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AR Drop-in barrels - Price $325-$630 - Click Here for more details

.22 & .17 rimfire drop-barrels - Price $395 each

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