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AR-Type .260 Rem & .308 Win Barrels

New products- Muzzle thread caps and Muzzle Brakes

March 2015 - .308 Win AR10740 20" now available fluted also


We are offering an AR type barrel chambered for the .260 Rem & .308 Winchester cartridges. These are available in four styles and all are completely finished drop-in type barrels. They are finish-chambered and have a DPMS-style barrel extension installed and the gas port hole drilled for a rifle-length gas system. They also are threaded 5/8" - 24 at the muzzle. These barrels are not compatible with the Armalite or Rock River Arms rifles.

In the image above is shown our two AR1024 contours. The upper barrel is the fluted version.

AR10740 .308 barrel shown above. The red cap protects the 5/8" - 24 muzzle threads.


The shorter barrel in the image is our AR10740 contour, very similar to our .223 AR740 contour in our .223 barrels. Gas block size is .750". The diameter in front of the barrel extension is 1.200" and then the profile drops down to .750" and then up to a shoulder for the .750" diameter gas block section and then down to .740" to the muzzle. Muzzle threads are 5/8 - 24.

This profile is offered in two lengths; 18" and 20".

18" Specifications:

Weight is 2.35 pounds. Click Here to see a .pdf drawing The 18" long barrels are available in both .308 caliber and .260 Remington.

20" Specifications:

The weight is 2.70 pounds in .260 caliber and 2.54 pounds in .308 Winchester. To see a .pdf drawing file of this profile - Click Here


The other two barrels shown are our AR1024 contour, also very similar to our .223 AR24 contour.

AR1024 Specifications:

The overall length is 24". Gas block size is .936". The diameter in front of the barrel extension is 1.200, then .975" diameter to the gas block and then .875" diameter from the gas block to the muzzle. The unfluted barrel is 4.25 pounds and the fluted version is 3.90 pounds. Muzzle threads are 5/8" - 24. To see a .pdf drawing file of this profile - Click here

All versions of this stainless steel AR-type barrel are chambered with a PTG semi-auto match reamer. They are rifled with an 11" twist 3-groove configuration in .308 Winchester and an 8" twist 3-groove in .260 Remington. These barrels are also hand-lapped to our internal finish standards. The section forward of the gas block section is engraved: "Lilja AR .308 Win. 11T or Lilja AR .260 Rem. 8T". The barrel extensions are a DPMS type and these barrels will headspace properly with DPMS type bolts. The gas block and gas port hole are positioned for standard rifle length gas tubes.

We make a variety of profiles for non-drop-in AR type rifles including the AR-15, AR-10 and M-4's. To see a listing of our AR type contours in a .pdf file - Click Here These other contours are not available from us as finished drop-in barrels; only those contours listed above.

Prices as of January 2015:

AR10740 (18" & 20") $505

AR1024 $505

AR1024 fluted $635

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